Online Image Resizer

Quick Resizing 1-2-3, after you have uploaded your image/photo:

  1. Indicate new image size using [Resize to] "..%". Image would be scaled for preview.
    To scale interactively, hold [shift] key and drag image while pressing left mouse button.

  2. To Crop Images check "Enable Crop" box.
    Move Crop area - drag it while pressing left mouse button.
    Resize Crop area - hold [shift] key, drag it while pressing left mouse button.

  3. Click [Resize / Process] button to actually resize uploaded image.

  4. Click [Download Resized] button to download resized image.

Resizing and Downloading Images

Scaling an image: Indicate new image size using "%" selector or manually enter a new size. While manually selecting image width and height, "constrain" (if checked) automatically preserves the aspect ratio of your image preventing the distortion of it. Originally uploaded image automatically scaled while you select a new size for it, providing a preview of the resized image. You may also scale an image by placing a mouse cursor over it, holding shift key and left mouse button and then dragging the image. Click "Reset" link to restore an original image size in preview window.

Image Quality: After you are done with image scaling, choose resized image quality for [JPG] format. The higher number, the better quality is. There is however a price to pay for high quality. The size (in kilobytes) of the resized  image file would grow as you increase quality. This means file would take more space on your computer hard disk. In addition it would load longer if you are planning to use this image at web pages. You may also select [PNG] image format. But that would result in extremely large image file size. Use [PNG] only if you need to preserve uploaded image transparency (when uploaded image has .png or .gif file extension).

Effects: You may rotate, resized image and apply grayscale, sepia, or invert (negative) effects. Note: Effects applied to resized image only and are not available for preview.

Resizing: Click "Resize / Process" button. Wait for a few seconds for processing and downloading of the resized image to your browser. If you scaled image up, then depending on the ISP connection speed and the resulted image size, it might take quire some time before resized image loads. Do not use any controls until resized image completely loads. If you need to get back to the original screen and scale/resize image again, then use icon to toggle between preview and resized screens.

Downloading: To download resized image click "Download Resized" button. Important: make sure NOT to change any settings at the control screen after resizing an image and before clicking "Download Resized" button. Any changes made after resizing an image would be reflected within downloading image an it might look different than the image at the "Resized Image" screen. To download the image directly from  "Resized Image" screen, use right mouse click at the image and then "Save Image" or  "Save Picture As".

Cropping an Image: Check "Enable Crop" box. A white, half-transparent square box would appear over image preview at the top-left corner. The box covers crop area. Move the box freely across an image and resize it if necessary (shift + left mouse button + drag) to expand the crop area. You may also choose crop box opacity level and if "Square" check box is selected, then crop box would retain a square shape while resized. After clicking "Resize / Process" button, image would be resized and in addition the area outside of crop box would be cut off the image. Note: Minimum crop area is 20x20 pixels.

Text-Over-Image: With Text-Over-Image you should be able to add a watermark, copyright information, annotation or any other text to the image. Check "Enable Text-Over-Image" box. A little square with the default text would appear at the top-left corner of the image preview window. You may drag the text to any part of the image by clicking and dragging and "move" icon (located to the left from a text). After resizing an image the text would appear at the exact spot within the resized image (with possible few pixels offset depending on font size).

Change the text by entering it into a text box within control area, choose different fonts and size. Apply standard text formatting such as bold, italic or underline. If the text is multi-lined, then alignment (left, center or right) is also possible.

Change color of the text by mixing a color in RGB (red, green, blue) slider and apply with "set" button to the text. Select a "Stroke" value is necessary and it's color. Stroke creates an outside border around text characters. Note: Stroke is not available for preview and applied to the resized image only. To create a "see through" text, choose appropriate amount of opacity with "Opaq." control.

Finally, text may have a background filled with color. To do so, choose from Bkgd. drop-down selector filled or span values. Select an appropriate background color and level of opacity if necessary.

would fill background under the text only.

span would fill background under the text and span it to the available width of the image. Note: span is not available in preview and would fill the image width after resizing.

A few pixels padding is added to the background color strip.

Note:  If image is rotated, text string retains original horizontal and vertical positions and is not rotated with the image. Moreover, if image is rotated by 90 degrees (where height is swapped with width) and width is substantially higher than height (or vise versa), then text location may not be as precise and calculated arbitrary with best possible effort to retain original distance proportions to image edges.