Yes. More than 1.000.000 images have been processed from 2010 until 2019 (in nine years). For the exact number please check the real-time counter at the right bottom of our Home Page.

Yes it is absolutely free for everyone, without any limitations. And it will always be.

Because we can provide a free service to the community. The basic cost of this site is sometimes partially covered with ads from various publishers. Ads are displayed to the right panel, the header or the footer of the site. Nothing to do with your images.

You surely can, while this service was designed for tablets and mainly desktop computers. We have tried to achieve a high level of compatibility when using a cellphone, still some limitations may exist due to images width and height.

No registration is needed. Just use the service as much as you like.

Select Open on the top left and then select Background Image. Then select from your local pc the image you want to edit. Keep in mind that the image you are currently editing will be gone from the photo editor, so you probably want to save the image first.

It is not possible to open a big image at 100%. All images are displayed with a fixed height at 600 pixels for a desktop pc for technical reasons. Otherwise we will have overflow issues with displayed image

When you resize an image (for example) at 200%, the editor page shows the image at (for example) 25% of the zoom. Check the Zoom persentage shown on to top area of the editor. The image IS resized, just use Save to your pc or cellphone. You can also zoom at 100% if you want to see the result.

Press F12 and check your browser console. There shouldn’t be any errors (errors not warnings). Browser addons could also block the loading of the needed scripts (in rare cases).

Yes the maximum size was 10 mb but as of October 2021 the max size has been raised to 20 mb, as requested. Please let us know if this new limit is enough.