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Collection and use of personal information

When you visit "" a range of information is collected:

Web browser version, Pages visited and the time of those visits, Operating system, Device or device type IP address. Τhis is the identifying address for your computer in Internet Protocol (IP) code.

The previous website address from which you reached us, including any search terms used. The information will be used for statistical and reporting purposes and to improve the website.

"" services are totally free to visitors. No personal data is requested, since there is no registration of any kind. Also please note that no images or photos are UPLOADED or STORED on our servers.

Third-party services on ""

The "" website may use Third Party Companies to display ads to visitors.

Cookies are small pieces of information, stored in simple text files, placed on your computer or mobile device by a website. Some cookies can be read by the website on your subsequent visits. The information stored in a cookie may relate to your browsing habits on the webpage, or a unique identification number so that the website can "remember" you on your return visit. Other cookies are deleted when you close your browser and only relate to the working of the website. Generally speaking, cookies do not contain personal information from which you can be identified, unless you have furnished such information to the website.

Further information on cookies can be found at

"" DOESN'T use ANY Session or Functional cookies (first party cookies).

By using this website, you consent to the use of third party cookies.

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